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The Smurfs are present everywhere in the world in a great many retail centres.

Dedicated spaces for children, decor / events... the opportunities are extensive.

ticketed live shows

The Smurf Experience won the prestigious Visit Brussels Award "Best Exhibition 2019". It will be traveling around the World for 10 years.

Did you already visit it? It will be in Oberhausen Germany as from March 2020.
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Check out our various event and exhibition options: live shows, heritage exhibitions for children and adults, etc.


Discover the Smurf Experience

Meet and Greet

Events with costumes delight both young and older fans.

Success is always guaranteed!

Real Selfie attractions...

Non ticketed live shows

The Smurfs are loved everywhere.

Our non ticketed live shows offer the possibility to create free mini-shows in various part of the World.

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