Who are we?

Our companies


IMPS and LAFIG are Worldwide licensors of the Smurfs, Benny Breakiron and Johan & Peewit. These brands have known international success for many years thanks to the integrated licensing scheme offered by our two companies. We already collaborate with many major brands and retailers who understand and appreciate the brand’s heritage and strengths.

Peyo Productions

Peyo Productions is the company producing audiovisual content related to the Work of Peyo (The Smurfs, but also Benny Breakiron and Johan & Peewit, among others). 


The team

IMPS has around forty employees. Twenty of these are studio personnel, including cartoonists, graphic artists, scriptwriters, etc. They are the people who continue to bring Peyo's world alive through comic books, animated cartoons and many other activities.


Keeper of the legend

The daughter of Peyo, Véronique, founded IMPS (International Merchandising, Promotion & Services) in 1984 of which she is CEO. This company now manages the image and brand.


They trust us

Our vision

Spread the world of Peyo to the people of all cultures to develop the love for and notoriety of the characters through generations and time.


Touching people’s lives with fun, positive and respectful values that give faith in the future.

Our objectives


Create high quality content and product.

Corporate responsibility

Develop corporate responsability through the brand.


Make our customers ambassador-customers.

Our Values

Our activities

You too can be part of the great Smurf family and
benefit from 95% brand awareness worldwide.

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