Comics & Art Books


First released in the 1960s, the world-famous collection of Smurf comic books is the fruit of Peyo’s originality and creativity and forms the cornerstone of the Smurf Works.

Discover more than 3,500 pages of stories filled with adventure, humour, fantasy and poetry. Our newest collection is about the inhabitants of the Lost Village: the girl Smurfs! We also have compilations of the best Smurf stories based around smurftastic themes: The Universe collection.

And if you like to laugh, try the Gags and Strips collections.

But Peyo did not only create the Smurfs! Johan & Peewit, Benny Breakiron and Pussycat are also his children. Readers who love adventures will be delighted.

Art Books

Bringing together several titles in their original publication order, these smurftastic anthologies feature newly remastered versions of the comic books and exclusive historical content.

From the Smurfs to Benny Breakiron, Johan & Peewit and Pussycat, this is the perfect way to discover Peyo’s work from A to Z.

Picture Books & Novels

Picture books (for ages 3 to 6)

The Smurfs are not only present in comics, but also in Picture Books!

We have all kinds of categories for children from 3 to 6 years old. In our new collection - the Character series - each book features a particular Smurf as the star character, revealing unique aspects of its personality.

Our First collection is for developing readers who still need some help.

If you want to read Smurf-sized books, try the Mini Books collection.

Our Tales collection contains 30 titles, each with a different story to tell.

Novels (for ages 6 to 9)

For children from 6 to 9 years old, we also have Storybooks. Our set of Papa Smurf stories includes 15 double-page stories with wonderful illustrations. For kids that can read by themselves we have our Chapter Books.

In our Novels category, there are 6 titles for early readers aged 6 to 8 years (in French, or in bilingual Simplified Chinese/English).

Our final category is movie novelization.

The 3 Smurfs movies have led to the writing of many derivative novels. And now, with our brand-new TV series, there are bound to be even more!

Activity & Learning

Activity Books

The Smurfs are ambassadors of educative values. So they are also present in activity books.

Colouring books, sticker books, etc. are great for learning through play and the extensive range of content featured in these activity books provides endless hours of fun!

We can also provide Style Guides for developing new games.

Learning Books

Kids are always looking to learn and discover the world around them. With the Smurfs Learning Books, the possibilities are infinite: numbers, letters, art, animals, jobs, drawing… to name just a few of the many available subjects and themes.

It is also possible to learn English or learn to tell the time. One category in particular is exceptionally entertaining: Learning to read with stickers.

These are stories with words replaced by stickers.

Novelty & Stationery


In our Novelty category, there is a lot of variety.

You can find My Busy Book with full-page illustrations, figurines and a playmate that brings the characters to life; Tab Books where children can quickly find their favourite scenes by lifting the tabs; Puzzle Books (this name speaks for itself); and Baby Books for very young fans of the Smurfs.



In the Stationery category, you will find

  • calendars,
  • cook books,
  • magnets,
  • friendship books,
  • and other treasures.

Magazines & Partworks


Our magazines are packed with games, activities, stories, cartoons and much, much more!

These smurftastic collections of magazines will enchant and appeal to both younger and older Smurfs fans.


The world of the Smurfs can also be accessed via several types of partwork collections:

  • 60 comic book collections,
  • Build the Smurf Village,
  • learn everything about jobs,
  • etc.

Digital & Audio


With our digital books, you scroll through the pages of Smurfs comics or books and quickly start to enjoy this brand-new way of experiencing them!

And with animated e-books, the Smurfs’ adventures come to life! Discover all the magical and musical effects hidden within the pages.



Share the experience of listening to stories of the Smurfs with your children. It will feel like you are living them! Our audiobooks section is still in development but we already have audioplays and audiobooks. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information about this category.


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